Friday, December 14, 2007

Old Goalie Caught Obsessing About Hotel Rooms

This is fascinating. Our crack PMO textual analysis team have discovered that the Puffins are now mythologizing the Airbust™ Affair by developing a vocabulary that links it with unsavoury high end hotel rooms, where, as right-thinking Canadians know, all sorts of alleged practices take place. Yesterday former Leaf Manager Ken Dryden, for whom I have the utmost respect for his hockey achievements, said, and I quote:

"Mr. Schreiber is at least a shadowy character, and has been for a long time. I understand how first contacts happen and how mistakes can be made, but why did your association with Mr. Schreiber go on year after year? Why was the money exchanged in cash? Why in different cities? Why in hotel rooms?"

Dryden raises a troubling point. Why indeed? Canadians demand an answer.

Robert Thériault is also obsessed with the same thing: "Then you exercised the options to accept money, in cash, in a hotel room in Montreal."

And why Montreal. Why the Queen Elizabeth? Why not the Paris Airport Hilton? Or the Pierre Hotel at Trudeau Airport?

And even the Kneedippers are not immune: Mr. Joe Comartin: "So at the time when you received that money, when you were in the hotel room..."

So my friends, repeat this mantra after me - "Hotel rooms. Hotel rooms in different cities."

I'm also told the Globe and Torostar journos are really picking up on this hotel room thing, and the hard-hitting Pissed Estate investigators plan to tour and stay in all these cool hotels where the German-Canadian Pasta Entrepreneur met his prey. Especially the Pierre in New York. A tad expensive, but a lovely place.

In cash. In a hotel room. We're not making this up.
Pix:Poor Old Goalie Being Glad Handed by a Refreshed Mr. Dithers in a Montreal Hotel Room