Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Objectify

Irene Mathyssen: "It's, it was, I would say not hard porn by any, by any stretch, but it was still inappropriate in the House of Commons. It reflects an attitude about women. It is an objectification of women that I find very, very concerning."...

Reporter: "Did you, could it, you said many images. Could it have been just a catalogue of lingerie? Could he have been doing his Christmas shopping, do you think?"

Mathyssen: "Well perhaps, I don't know. It looked like a file. It looked like collected images and Christmas shopping, what he does in his personal time is, is of no concern to me. That's personal and private. But he is in the House of Commons and it was in full view from my seat and had anyone been sitting in the public gallery, it would have been in full view of the gallery."
Irene's right, people. Let's keep this kind of objectification of women out of Question Period. There are far more appropriate things out there that we could be objectifying.