Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stephen Harper Automated Attack Ad Thesaurus

One of the more amusing items that Rocco's tech team found when they hacked into PAM - the Puffinalia Agitprop Mainframe - is the Stephen Harper Automated Attack Ad Thesaurus, a subset of the Puffin Party of Canada Secret Playbook. Here are some examples from this truly pathetic political document:
1) Concentrate on Harper: Talk about "Stephen Harper's hidden agenda" and the "Harper Regime".

2) Use Demonizing Adjectives: "aggressive, aloof, arrogant, bullying, cheap, cold, devious, dirty, disastrous, disturbing, evil, hardcore, hard-right, heartless, hostile, mean, nasty, right-wing, scary, secretive, shameful, sinister, sleazy, tightly-controlled, uncaring, unfair, unfeeling, vindictive".

3) Repeat Nationalistic Links: "George Bush, war in Iraq, US-style"

4) Use Hundred Dollar Words Sparingly: Multisyllabics such as "authoritarian, fundamentalist, Machiavellian, unconscionable" are great in their proper place.

Sandra is keeping a close eye on some of the newer attack innovations, so I enjoin all true blues to send your favourite Puffinalia to me at the email address on the right.
Latest Larry Martin Outrage: "Putinesque", as in "Oh that Harper, he's so Putinesque."
Don Martini: "He's a born leader, but far too angrily partisan..."
Latest Jimmy Traverse Torostar Cult Inanities: "vicious", "partisan", "schoolyard meanness", "goes for the groin", "smearing the blameless", "doesn't play well with others"...
NOTE: I thought "PARTISAN" was a good thing, but apparently not when you're sniffing the incense of the Torostar Cult on a daily basis. Soon they'll be banning hockey.

Forget the old rule about keeping your stick on the ice. These journo-nannies are so stoned they can play without a stick.