Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today's Airbust Testimony a Hit for Political Junkies

So The Person Who Must Not be Named has testified, and I think all right thinking Canadians would agree that the Puffin's Plan Smear Harper no longer has legs, if it ever had any at all.

The Puffins even dragged out the great old goaler to pontificate from the heart about our shared moral failings, and the NDP star of the Airbust™ Show was Pat Martin, who blathered on about how shocked Canadians must feel about Big Bad Businesspersons.

Fascinating. It's clear now that the whole Airbust™ Affair goes back to a Grit Dirty Tricks Team operating down the street from the Office of the Petit Gars de Shawinigan, allied with Watergate wannabes Dimlid HackIntyre, Harvey Cash-Whore (left) and the Pissed Estate crew plus alleged investigative hackette Steffie Camero (below).

All these Grit operatives masquerading as journalists should be marched before the Ethics Committee, or better yet, the Johnston Enquiry. What a pathetic cast of characters. I can hardly wait. It will make gripping afternoon television, if you like that sort of thing.
I Have a New Theory: The old German-Canadian Pasta Entrepreneur would rather risk jail in Canada for perjury or even, God forbid, blackmail. He'd prefer to be incarcerated in some country club minimum security hotel in BC than be shipped out on the next plane and thrown into a dank dark dungeon in Germany. Makes perfect sense when you think of it.

Jeez, this thing could go on for years. But I guess that's the general idea.
Pix: Chris Wattie (Reuters); CBC