Saturday, December 8, 2007

Happy Days in Bali

A shiny new pushy poll conducted by Ipsos Factos Reid for CanWest and Global National, says we're down four while the Puffin Party of Canada stays the same.

And all because of an amusing performance by the genial old German-Canadian Businessman. What a pro!

Oh, and also because as you know I'm a scary, US-style politician who eats babies, while the Puffins are, well, almost beatific.

MEMO: To Kevin. Could you check this out further and advise? I suspect this result, well within the margin of error, is because the Puffins shipped Backpack Boy out of town during the Ethics hearings. The minute he was gone, dancing on the beach in Bali, and no longer on TV, a weight lifted from the hearts of Puffins everywhere, and it became contagious.