Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm Into Deep Makeover For the Last Demographic

Hope you had a great holiday. I'll be limiting my posts over the next few weeks. In an effort to make myself more appealing to what I call The Last Demographic - Toronto women who hang on every word uttered on the People's Network, and prostrate themselves before the ideologues at the Toronto Star - I'm putting myself through a complete whole body workout and personal makeover. We might also be doing some policy tweaking.

I know I'm a bit of a geek, maybe even more so than BackPack Boy. I mean look at this picture of me as a teenager in Leaside - Yes I am a Torontonian! - and you'll see how much I've changed. I mean look at those teeth!

I must say I owe a lot to Laureen, who has a great sense of style, and she got me into more fashionable "power" neckware. I mean some of my ties I got at Eaton's Bargain Basement in 1979!! She even made me throw out my favourite - a wide rep tie with baby blue and black stripes. It probably went to Sally Ann. I know some CP journo will be wearing it at my next press conference!

A Happy and a Prosperous New Year Everybody!