Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bloc to Join Conservatives

I wish. As you may know, Brian and I have been trying for years to get Bloc Québecois members to defect or return to the Conservatives, but today's misstep by my parliamentary colleague Gilles Duceppe may force the issue. He is quoted in today's La Presse as saying he will lead the Bloc in the next election, but will resign shortly afterwards.

Gilles, you've just lame-duckified yourself. Tabarnouche, I mean cou don', get a grip on yourself! Why would anybody vote for a party without knowing who the next leader is going to be? I mean, that's like voting Liberal.

I know some policy wonk-meister has told you to make your ENTIRE platform the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan because 75% of Quebeckers don't like the mission. But Gilles, elections don't work that way.

Look, most of you bloquistes have got your parliamentary pensions nailed down, correct? So maybe now's the time to wind down the party.

The weather is still nice. Why don't you just come up to Harrington Lake and we'll have a chat. I'd like you to urge your Bloc MPs, at least the old Bouchard Conservatives, to consider rejoining the Conservative party. After all, we're both BLEU, d'accord? And we both believe in QUÉBECKERS AS A NATION, right? Then that would free your left wingers to go off and run for the new Mulcair NPD!

In your heart you know I'm right.