Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Asked Brian WTH Is Going On With The Grits

I just had a talk with him on BlackBerry #1. "What's REALLY going on here?" I asked. "Well," he rumbled in that deep old Irish baritone, "As you know, Senator David Smith of the reputable Toronto firm Fraser Milner Casgrain is the leader of what you amusingly call the "Iggy the House Elf" faction. He is not a stupid man. In fact he is a very nice man, and he hates to see his beloved party go down the drain. -- I can empathize there. So, if I may use the vernacular for a moment, he and John Rae are going to $%#@*& kick some sorry Grit ass."

"Anyhoo Stephen, Paulie tells me, in strictest confidence of course, that they have decided to keep you in power and vote for the Throne Speech on the grounds that this country does not need an election just now. The deal is you have to fuzzify Khandahar and propose a long term policy study by the Commons, so Stéphane can support you with good grace. This will give them a few months to figure out how to install your friend Iggy."

"So you can relax. Everybody can relax. And Peter Newman, you can take a %$%#@$ Valium."

Works for me. Thanks Senator Smith.