Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Studied Ambiguity, Mon Cou!

I hoped you like the show. Here are two of my favourite pictures from the glorious event. The C-in-C sure looked splendid, n'est-ce pas?
Stéphane, back on his meds, was reasonably gracious about the demise of Kyoto, but in another scrum my operatives found Iggy the House Elf holding forth and boring the pants off the journos: "We are looking at what we think of as a disappointing speech, a vague speech," he snarked. "I don't see poisoned pills here, I see studied ambiguity." Yeah whatever. ZZZZZZZZZZ.

What puzzles me is this guy Iggy is not even following the old Lib attack script. He can't fathom that underneath the flowery Throne Speech prose lurks my real goals - what he should be attacking as "Harper's scary, right-wing agenda"*. i.e. no more sucking up to psychopathic bikers and crack-dealers, etc, etc. Or maybe Iggy just finds the party line tired and pathetic. Who knows?

I called Brian for his impressions. "Not to worry, my son" he rumbled happily. "The Puffins are simply toning down the rhetoric while they figure out what the hell to do next."
*©Torostar, CPAN (Canadian Peoples Agitprop Network)

Pix: CP Sean Kirkpatrick, Fred Chartrand