Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Real Leader of the Puffin Party of Canada

This monstrosity comes from one of our Toronto culture jammers, who is a charter member of the Canadian Union of Public Satirists (Motto: "Your Tax Dollars at Work") and a secret Peoples CBC slave at Fort Dork. He kindly shared it with the Party through our research office political skunk works.

Apparently Rick Mercer and CUPS have been sponsoring what they call "Responsible Photoshop Workshops" in our schools, colleges, prisons and other public institutions. Our operative called this work, "Iggy the House Joker or the Real Count Ignatula". It was roundly condemned as "scary", "unfair" and "US-style satire".

I agree. I find this entry a perfectly pathetic depiction of an adversary for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration. I'd like to take this opportunity to state categorically that at no time does my government condone any such satiric activities, even though they may very well be in the national interest.