Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An Open (Love) Letter to Elizabeth May

Dear Elizabeth:

While Laureen and I were having breakfast the other day, my wife suddenly whooped with laughter while she was reading the Ottawa Citizen. When I asked her what was up, she actually went a bit red in the face, and passed me an article that talks about you making bread, and more, so much more.

"I work hard at loving Stephen Harper," says Ms. May, as she mixes bread dough in a large crockery bowl in the kitchen of her New Edinburgh home. "I don't dislike him as a person. I feel sorry for him as a person. He's obviously a person who has a hard time being happy. That's the basis on which I attempt to love him."

While I am delighted to see see that you have abandoned Kyoto and are studying to become an Anglican priest, let me suggest that I feel well loved by my family and friends, and these days I have a really hard time keeping the smirk off my face.

Your good neighbour,


PS: What really makes me happy are home-baked cookies. We'll be around for some on Hallowe'en. (I'll be dressed as Count Ignatula)