Thursday, October 11, 2007

How to Handle Khandahar

With extreme caution. Just kidding.

What I really mean is "How to Spin Khandahar." What I've been kicking around with Sandra and Kevin is to say in the Throne Speech that "this government sees the need to rethink and repurpose the whole mission, to examine priorities and then forge a tighter national policy on strategic interventions with our NATO partners so we can make a better informed decision than the previous Dithers regime."

Kevin proposed we go beyond spin - what a novel idea! and try and get more influential people on side. So tomorrow I'm going to announce that we're reaching out to a former House of Commons colleague who has fallen on hard times. We're appointing John Manley to head a commission to look at our Afghan options after 2009. We found poor Manley working in the high-tech industry west of Ottawa, forced to solder components to make ends meet and feed his growing family. When I called him and offered him a job, I heard a stifled sob at the end of the line. Clearly a cry of relief.

It's really sad to think how badly Paulie's goons treated this guy, and great to have him back in the game. Welcome Home Big John!