Thursday, October 11, 2007

Strategizing Facebook

There's nothing much to do before the Throne Speech except patch things up with Nova Scotia, phone defeated Ontario PCs, forge a made-in-Canada greenhouse gas policy banning the release of water vapour, and read interminable briefing books, so the staff have once again been kicking around the idea of me getting a Facebook site. I'm mildly curious, so I ask, which US candidate has the best page? Brodie liked Hilary's effort the best, but I thought it looked hokey. Tabarnouche the woman has 37,000 friends! Jeez come ON. How pathetic.

I told them I still don't like the idea. Who needs all those online virtual friends, unless they want to donate to the Party, right? We'd have to hire a full time typist to reply to all the nudges and winks and pokes and virtual martinis or whatever they do. There's no way the taxpayers of Canada are paying for this. But that the hell, it runs itself anyway. As long as I don't have to do it.

PS: An interesting suggestion came in from one of our culture jammers in Toronto - set up a Parliament of Canada site in Second Life, and just let the politico-avatars shout at each other and wave their arms about. Call it Question Period. The next step is virtually voting, where citizen avatars from across the whole country can participate every four years, hitting button blue or button red or button orange or button green, depending on their receptivity to policy spin.