Saturday, October 13, 2007

Okay, Okay, Congratulations

A lot of people are accusing me of being mean spirited about Al Gore, and focusing on his bare-faced lies instead of the scattered half-truths interspersed in his Academy Award winning pile of slush. But I must say the guy should be awarded the Nobal Prize for chutzpah anyway.

If Al becomes US President, I can't wait to see how he will try and slither out from under the weight of the convenient untruths he has unloaded on the world. How about a few tax breaks for carbon neutral industries....?

Want to know what bugs me about Al? He has turned the focus away from other pollution issues like auto emissions and water degradation and overgrazing and getting in place technological fixes etc etc, and got all the enviro-dummies to focus on what he now calls "Climate Change." It used to be "Global Warming", but if the weather trends colder he's got a fall-back argument and can run with the New Ice Age bogeyman. Jeez, I guess some people can only grasp one Big Idea at a time. Here's who I want to see President: Ahnold. The Governator. Now there's a guy with enviro-cojones. End of Rant.