Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Why Not Just Abstain From Showing Up At All?

I mean, nobody wants an election, right?

But lookee here. The Liberal Beast is starting to wake up again, with reports that Grit heavyweights Senator David Smith and Bob Rae's brother John are coming on board to staunch the bleeding, rebuild party unity and get the Dion juggernaut back on track.
(Does this mean Iggy is taking over? -Ed.)

Apparently Backback Boy is a micro-manager. (Jeez, who would have believed it?) And he got seriously out of touch by surrounding himself with gate-keeping flunkies, technical maniacs and MBAs, you know what I mean?

Paul Wells says that before the Quebec City caucus retreat last January, the Dionmobile started sending out "organizational charts. Regional campaign-readiness charts. Regional and national policy roundtable charts. OLO org charts. Caucus critic responsibility charts. I joked, at the time, that responsibility for designing Dion Liberalism seemed to have been subcontracted to Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics." Ugh.