Friday, October 12, 2007

Judge Warns Teachers, Curb Al Gore Hot Air Now

Heard the news? A British High Court judge has ruled that Al Gore is, not to put too fine a point on it, a bare-faced prevaricating gas-bag. Judge Michael Burton ordered the teachers to stop indoctrinating and messing with childrens' minds by playing An Inconvenient Truth ad nauseum. They also have to balance all the force-feeding envirohype with some critical commentary.

Over here in Canada, Mark Steyn reports that an Ontario student was complaining the other day that, "whatever subject you do, you have to sit through Gore's movie: It turns up in biology class, in geography, in physics, in history, in English."

I am told our own CPAN (Canadian Peoples Agitpop Network) hasn't yet deigned to feature the story yet, but have a look at this BBC piece. Hilarious. Check out Al's polar bear fabrication in particular.Apparently Maggie Thatcher started this whole global warming scare when she set up a grant program to try and convince the British to stop foreign oil imports, and use British gas instead. What a boo-boo. The thing got horribly out of control, and became a "perfect storm" of pseudo-science. Now there's a giant army of well-paid functionaries stalking the world whose sole job is to jet to meetings and puff about greenhouse gas. They've even infiltrated the Nobel Peace Prize committee and given him more money. Scary.

I have to confess this government is not immune. I had to call out Flaherty when he mentioned the subject in a recent speech.
This Scary, US-style Photoshop Satire Courtesy The World Organization of Outrageous Photoshop Satirists (WOOPS)